DISLIKE SILENCE’s vision is to make rock suitable for the mainstream again.



Jenny, Dennis, Raphael, and Konny produce unique and timeless music with strong passion, expressive vocals, and defining hooks. Despite her young age, the petite singer stands out with her hard to delicate voice, extensive vocal range, and incredible sovereignty. The four musicians write their own songs and have captivated their audience since 2018.



DISLIKE SILENCE was formed in July 2016. After several lineup changes, the perfect formation was found in 2018 — four sound artists with a common goal and a dream to rock national and international stages.



The band appeared in public for the first time in the summer of 2019. This was followed by the release of the debut EP “Human” and a music video accompanying the title song. The EP was created collaborating with producer Frank Schultz in his sound studio Pro Ton Music in Neuenburg. This was the first small step in the band’s career. On 14 December 2019, DISLIKE SILENCE played in the finals of the 37th German Rock and Pop Awards and took third place in the “Rock” category.



After a bass lineup change, the band visited the Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden (CH) in the winter of 2021, where the two songs “Set Off” and “Deep Blue Water” were produced together with producer Schmier (Destruction) and sound engineer V.O. Pulver (Poltergeist, Gurd).



The band is currently preparing their first complete record. The songs are modern and very American rock and convince with atmosphere, energy, and a sense of melody! DISLIKE SILENCE is a name to remember as the ambitious rockers will step it up a notch in 2022!

Jenny  - Vocals

Dennis  - Guitar

Raphael  - Drums

Konny  - Bass